Learn to code with games.

See how it works

Practice your coding skills with games.

Train your HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Flexbox skills with quick games on your phone.

Get Daily Challenges

Gummy’s daily coding exercises test your speed, memory, and visualization skills.

Become more productive

Practice with games designed to reinforce your knowledge and make you a more effective coder.

Track your progress

Evaluate your performance and keep track of your activity habits until you master the skills that matter to you.

Six different training games

Bot or Not

Test your visualization skills by quickly figuring out if the piece of code is good or not.


Finish incomplete code segments by selecting the final piece in the puzzle.

Body Builder

Complete tasks by tapping or dragging and dropping blocks of code into the < body >.


Can you write with your thumbs as fast as on your desktop's keyboard? Oh, yeah? Prove it!

Bug Squasher

Quickly kill the code bugs before they infect the mainframe, but be careful of not squashing features!


Can you save your code from bad practice? Rearrange blocks using proper semantics.

Set your skill level with a quick test.

Train your skills with a daily challenge.

Keep a score of your improvement.

Ugur and Pablo Stanley

Why Gummy?

We believe technology is changing our lives and culture. People have the potential to create amazing things and coding is the key to making that happen.

As designers, learning to code seemed like a huge challenge to us at first. Once we learned the basics, and practiced enough, we discovered it wasn't as difficult as we thought. We soon realized that we were not alone in this challenge. It is for that reason that we have created a fun method for practicing coding skills, and we hope it can help everyone else to succeed as well.

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